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These are links to other pages on this site containing permaculture and permaculture related videos...

Link 1: Bill Mollison's fantastic video series explaining the fundamentals of permaculture "In Grave Danger Of Falling Food"...
Bill Mollison Permaculture Videos

Link 2: Bill Mollison Permaculture In The Tropics.  29 minute video about gardening in the tropics including no dig gardening, tropical planting guilds and more from the Global Gardener series...
Permaculture In The Tropics Video

Link 3: Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren talking about Permaculture principles and pathways beyond sustainability.  David talks about peak oil, modern culture and how permaculture needs to become mainstream...
David Holmgren Permaculture Video

Link 4: The End Of Suburbia (52 minute film)
This video discusses how the suburban living and consumption we see as normal came about and how they can't survive as oil supply goes into decline...
The End Of Suburbia

Link 5: Sustainable Transport (7 video series)
This fascinating series of 7 videos reveals how to encourage and promote cycling and walking as major practical forms of transport and how to create more liveable communities at the same time...
Sustainable Transport Videos

Link 6: How To Make Your Own Solar Oven
For videos, plans and step by step instructions on making a whole range of different solar ovens and cookers go to this page (opens in a separate window)...
How To Make Your Own Solar Oven

Link 7: The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53 minute movie)
Overnight cuba lost 85% of its import and export market and a huge percentage of its oil supply.  This movie reveals how they adapted to these radical changes...
The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Movie

Link 8: Geoff Lawton Food Forest Video (preview)
See a 300 year old food garden and get some amazing insights into growing your own food forest in this extensive preview of Geoff Lawton's brilliant food forest DVD...
Geoff Lawton Food Forest Video

Link 9: Permaculture Food Forests
Footage of real food forests including one food forest 300 years old...
Permaculture Food Forests

Link 10: Chicken Tractors
A wide range of chicken tractor and chicken coop ideas to adapt and use in your own permaculture system...
Chicken Tractors

Link 11: Cob Building And Permaculture
A series of videos that reveals how simple methods of building with earth can liberate neighborhoods from debt and bring people together...
Cob Building and Permaculture

Link 12: Moringa Tree
Videos and information about the Moringa Oleifera tree and it's huge number of uses including food, oil and water purification...
Moringa Tree

Link 13: Tropical Food Growing FREE Report
This FREE 23 page report reveals the 9 Most Common Mistakes People Make Growing Food In Cairns. You'll discover what food plants grow easily in this area and a simple permaculture design that can have you up and running growing a substantial amount of food with little cost and very few inputs in a very short time...
Grow Food In The Tropics Free Report

Link 14: Traditional Communities And Permaculture
This series of videos on the self sufficient traditional culture of Ladakh and the problems arising with modernization can give us insights into how to redesign our our neighborhoods...
Traditional Communities And Permaculture

The Power Of Permaculture To Transform:

Geoff Lawton
The Power Of Permaculture (4 minutes and 53 seconds)...


Permaculture With Claude Genest
Claude Genest explains some of the basic principles of permaculture.
(5 minutes 2 seconds)...


Permaculture Gardens In Overtown
Community built permaculture gardens in an urban wasteland
(8 minutes and 53 seconds)...


Permaculture In Lesotho
Permaculture project growing food in a high school (4 minutes 35 seconds)...


The Community Solution - Joys Of A Low Energy Lifestyle
Pat Murphy explains how we should reconsider our values and look at creating more fulfilling, healthy lifestyles in low energy consumption, sustainable local communities (45 minutes 32 seconds)...


Eco Hood
This video shows a good example of how you can make over the local neighbourhood you live in now to more sutstainable, ecologically friendly living.


Agrarian Center Oberlin, Ohio
Restoring the land and growing organic produce (1 minute 33 seconds)...


Kitchen Gardeners Unite
A news report about kitchen gardeners day.  In Russia nearly 60% of food needs were supplied from quite small home gardens.  If over 50% of our food supplies came from home gardens this would completely revolutionize our economy and our environment.  (3 minutes 17 seconds)...


The Local Food Revolution
New York Times writer and bestselling author Michael Pollan reveals just one of the reasons we should grow our food locally (1 minute 27 seconds).


The Future Of Food:
If you think the food you're buying in your local supermarket is safe and healthy think again.  This groundbreaking documentary reveals how food is being genetically engineered, how unreliable and even dangerous our modern food supply is and more.

Future Of Food Part 1
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Future Of Food Part 2
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.

Future Of Food Part 3
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Future Of Food Part 4
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Future Of Food Part 5
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Future Of Food Part 6
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Future Of Food Part 7
You'll never think about modern agriculture the same way again.


Edible Estates
Turning wasteful, energy, water sucking lawns into edible gardens.


Suburban Permaculture
A fascinating example of growing your own food on a suburban block using permaculture design and principles (24 minutes 15 seconds)...


The "Urban Homestead"
How to grow 60 tons of food every year on an ordinary US house block.  This video shows you someone who's doing it.  Also shows a solar power system and a solar oven (5 minutes 5 seconds)...


Simple On Site Alternatives:
You don't have to use sophisticated systems to save energy and create a sustainable lifestyle.  Every small on site change you make that uses renewable energy reduces your off site power dependance.

Solar Oven
You can make a solar oven at home very easily using reflective oven paper glued to cardboard.  The pot should be black to absorb heat.  There are other designs incorporating a clear glass cooking pot and a black heating plate.  You can also try using car windscreen sun reflectors (usually used to keep cars cool) to reflect the sun onto your cooker.  Food cooked in a solar oven generally doesn't burn so it's low maintainence cooking.  Here's a solar oven in action (1 minute 35 seconds)...


For more videos, plans and step by step instructions on making a whole range of different solar ovens and cookers go to this page (opens in a separate window)...
How To Make Your Own Solar Oven

Solar Fan
Here's a solar fan with its cover removed running in relatively heavy cloud cover. No battery system required as long as you only need the fan to run when the sun is out (12 seconds)...


Electic Assisted Bicycles
Bicycles are cheap, efficient transport and you don't have to register a bicycle or an electric bicycle if it falls under certain power limits.  Also maintenence costs for bicycles are very cheap and if you really want to save money just pedal more.
(27 minutes 37 seconds)...


Home Made Electic Assisted Bicycle
This is just one very cheap example of the hundreds of different ways you can make your own electric assisted bicycle.  Also keep in mind you can just ride an ordinary bicycle which is good exercise and doesn't require any special setup!
(2 minutes 43 seconds)...


Solar Powered Bicycle/Trike
This video is about a solar powered trike designed for comfortable commuting.  It travels at 40kmph and has a range of around 16km on one charge without pedaling. It takes about 6-8 hours to recharge.   You can pedal as much or as little as you like. Plans for various models are available at (1 min 39 secs)...


Solar Hot Water System
Solar hot water systems normally pay for themselves in reduced utility bills within 3-10 years.  There are a wealth of different designs and homemade possibilities for solar hot water - from a black water tank in an old refrigerator you close at night to far more sophisticated systems (4 minutes)...


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Roof Mounted Wind Turbine To Generate Electricity
You can mount a smaller wind turbine like an "Air 403" on the roof of your home to create electricity when the sun is not out and the wind is blowing.  Micro hydro systems like the "submersible Aquair" are also a very appealing energy source if you're close to a running stream.  (28 seconds)...


How To Power Your House With A Wind Turbine
This video explains how you turn the "bad" power from a wind turbine into "good" power you can use to power the electrical appliances in your home.  This whole system including the wind turbine can be built for around $350 (8 min)...


Silent Rooftop Wind Turbine
A silent rooftop wind turbine for around $700.  Just 5 of these will power an average household.  An efficient household might only need two.


For more information on this type of wind turbine see this pdf report...
Windpods Brochure

Electricity Grid Alternatives
One house offsetting 40 tons of CO2 emissions and saving money with solar power.
(2 minutes 8 seconds)...


Sustainable City Building Design - Freiburg
The German city that's a living example of sustainable energy design and how Germany is introducing law to make building with energy saving design compulsory (4 minutes 43 seconds).


E2 Design
A breakdown of the crucial design changes that must take place on a global scale if we are to live sustainably (7 minutes 19 seconds).


William McDonough On Designing Cradle To Grave
"Our goal is a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world, with clean air, soil, water and power - economically, equitabaly, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed"
(11 minutes 27 seconds)...


Yet More William McDonough On Design
A full seminar on design - "When are we going to become indiginous people?"
(45 minutes 7 seconds)...


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Al Gore interviewed by Andrew Denton
Al gore talks about why we must stop global warming (6 minutes)


An Inconvenient Truth
The full movie from Al Gore about global warming and the effect it will have on our environment, cities etc etc (1 hour 38 minutes...this link opens to an external site)...

An Inconvenient Truth

Composting Toilets:
Composting toilets are a simple, safe, low maintainence effective way of dealing with human sewerage.  It's just plain crazy to add drinking quality water to faeces and urine and then pipe it and treat it remotely.

Composting Toilets And Permaculture Design Principles
Report by permaculture founder David Holmgren on why composting toilets can be so valuable in ecological and permaculture designs...
Pdf report opens in separate window

Biolet Composting Toilet
See a composting toilet installed and working.  Quite a simple process.
(13 minutes 17 seconds)...


Envirolet Composting Toilet
See a composting toilet in action (23 minutes 59 seconds)...


Grey Water Systems:
Used water from a home (grey water) is quite simple to treat and reuse if it's not mixed with human sewerage.  

Grey Water System - Sand Filter And Mulch Beds
In this example grey water is run through a simple sand filter then into mulch beds.
(1 minute 39 seconds)...


Building With Local Materials:
In permaculture you try to build homes with mainly materials you can find on or close to your site.  Here are a few examples of these kinds of traditional, proven building styles.

A "Cob" Cottage
Cob is a mixture of clay, sand or straw.  (Sometimes just mud and straw or even just mud).  The mixing is usually done by feet or with a horse or cow then is formed into a wall by hand.  This can create an asthetically pleasing home.  Cob buildings in the Europe have been continuously occupied for over 400 years (3 minutes 50 seconds).


Mixing Cob
This video shows you how to mix up cob using a tarp and your feet.  Get the level of moisture evenly through the cob so it's sticky and firm (not runny).  You can practice your cob building technique by making a chicken shed or an outdoor wood oven.  The foundation is rocks in a 1 foot trench then white sand bags filled with gravel.
(2 minutes 49 seconds)...


Mud Brick
The traditional art of mud brick building in the south east of Yemen
(10 minutes 31 seconds)...


Pressed Earth Blocks (Cinva Hand Press)
Cinva pressed blocks use a fairly dry mix of earth (light moisture is added).  The blocks are then allowed up to dry for a few days and ready to use.
(1 minute 15 seconds)...


Natural Buildings and An Urban Eco-Village
Homes built 5 minutes bicycle ride from a city.  Made from sensitively harvested wood, earth and straw, sheep's wool insultation and more (22 minutes 3 seconds)...


Communities And Eco Villages:
Redesigning the way we build communities is one of the biggest keys to creating sustainable living.  At present many building and zoning codes in the western world make sustainable developments very difficult to establish.

David Korten - The Great Turning From Empire To Earth Community
David Korten talks about changing our focus from growing the economy to growing healthy children, families, communities and natural systems.


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 1
First in a video series of building a sustainable eco village of 30 homes using local, available resources (4 minutes 4 seconds)...


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 2
Objections from locals are very common when you first plan an eco village.  Their perceptions are usually based around the belief that there'll be a lot of dope smoking hippies (5 minutes 12 seconds)...


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 3
Focuses on a "low impact" development called Tinkers Bubble.  Talks about how the local community's perception changes over time to acceptance and even pride
(3 minutes 54 seconds)...


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 4
The Big Green Gathering in Somerset packed with small scale renewable energy solutions and systems.  Providing your own energy needs for a home is not difficult if you plan ahead (5 minutes 51 seconds)...


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 5
It's a long way to Tiparary to where they're building another new eco-village
(4 minutes 27 seconds)...


Building An Eco Village In Wales Part 6
A trip to the legendary Findhorn eco-village (varying audio quality unfortunately).
(5 minutes 19 seconds)...


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